C3global picks up another award in Australia

PrintAfter recently picking up the Program Innovation – High Commendation award by the Australian Water Association (AWA), C3global has also won the Technological Innovation from Consult Australia, the industry association for consulting companies in the built environment sector.

The Technological Innovation award, presented to Montgomery Watson Harza (C3global’s consulting partner) for its work on South Australia Water’s distribution network, recognises member firms who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the innovative application of new or existing technology on a project, highlighting innovative methodologies and benefits.

The award is another indication of the success of Amulet Predictive Analytics™, where it helps companies, such as SAW, who are looking for ways to reduce operating costs while improving efficiency.

The Amulet platform gives SAW an integrated suite of decision support tools with the ability to predict the performance of a network and forecast demands essential to planning and delivering operational efficiency.

With more innovative solutions on the way from C3global, SAW will continue to be recognised as a leader in water, demand, forecast and movement in the utilities sector with the help of Amulet’s analytical solutions.