Industry Solutions


Supermarkets face many challenges in today’s business world, none more so than the rising costs of energy. With refrigeration assets running continuously, business managers need instant notifications for making instant decisions on threshold changes, asset health or performance issues. They need to make complex and sophisticated decisions with complete confidence, knowing the information they receive is concise and visual, informing them of not just what is happening today but what could happen tomorrow.

Asset performance management is assured by having a refrigeration system that thinks for itself:

  • Monitoring refrigeration temperatures and reviewing set points
  • Predict actions required by changes in the ambient temperature
  • Screen and validate alarms
  • Predict and inform on out-of-tolerance events
  • Reporting on asset condition
  • Becoming more sustainable

Designed to interpret Threshold, Profile, Hold-down and Percentage Alarms, our solution can track all anomaly events, while intelligent filters discard unnecessary alerts to minimise unscheduled costs.