Context, Clarity & Confidence

In the modern world, business leaders can no longer rely on gut feelings, intuition and instinct. With the advent of sophisticated data collecting techniques and larger networks, information gathered will continue to grow exponentially, get faster and be more complex.

As a result, data in the form of transactions, processes and events, are impacting on each other and creating new previously unknown conditions. This requires business decision makers to be far more creative and flexible, in less time, and to become more operationally responsive and adaptive.

C3global’s Amulet Predictive Analytics™ toolset retrieves data from dispersed sources and turns it into meaningful information by putting it into context, so you can achieve your agile aspirations. The solution gives you a complete and clear picture of your operational performance, adding true value to existing data. By converging your IT and Operational Technologies, Amulet Predictive Analytics™ helps you predict and manage events with greater confidence.