Collaborative Working

C3global Ltd has become established as a leader in Predictive Operational Analytics and we recognise the importance collaboration has added to our success and growth.

While our Amulet Analytics toolset is a “horizontal” solution that works equally well in a range of sectors, we have decided to focus on the verticals in which we have domain expertise: Oil & Gas, Power Transmissions, Utilities, Refrigeration and Sustainability. Through collaboration,  Amulet Predictive Analytics™ has been taken successfully into other industries and we have now adopted a model of collaborative working to enable access to our expertise in our non-core industries.

Our collaborative working programs have involved specialists ranging from Systems Integrators to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who have a strong interest in predictive operational analytics. From these installations, clients have benefited from the combination of Amulet Predictive Analytics™ and our collaborator’s vertical domain knowledge.

Their domain knowledge, in combination with ours, adds additional value to the convergence of IT and OT and improves the resultant information and decision-making.

At C3global, we prefer to think in terms of collaboration rather than partners, and our collaborators are businesses that have similar values, and enjoy sharing in their client’s success by improving their clients day-to-day decision-making.