Thought Leadership

In 1996, we thought there must be a better way of giving CEOs the performance information they need to make more timely, and better informed, decisions.

The data they required was always available, but dispersed. This thought led to Amulet Predictive Analytics™, which today allows CEOs to make decisions with Context, Clarity & Confidence™.

Leading market analysts now believe:

  • COO’s to invest more in Analytics than on ERP.
  • The fastest growth will be in areas where decision making can be improved by real time access to event data.
  • Big data is an inhibitor to fact based decision making.
  • Business users will demand simpler, graphical, presentation of information than previously generated by IT.
  • Solutions that converge IT and operational technologies should be packaged and simple to install.

C3global continues to lead on Industry Analytics by:

  • Working closely with customers.
  • Recognising their decision making requirements.
  • Continuously developing our out-of-the-box industry analytics toolset.